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Hanover Search is an international executive search recruitment company operating in Asia, The US and Europe. Hanover indentify, engage, recruit and assess executive level talent with the competencies, cultural fit and skills to drive businesses forward. Their closely-knit team bring together an array of experiences, networks and skills.

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"We have been working Hanover since before the rebrand and although that was handled in-house we have had no issue with adapting our approach to fit in with their new aesthetic."

- The Design Team, New Moon

We have been assisting Hanover's marketing department for a good amount of time now, remaining on hand to help with graphic design needs, both print and digital, as well as providing print goods for their head office in London.

During the last year Hanover have been through a comprehensive rebrand, rebuilding their identity from the ground up, meaning that we have had to adapt our approach to suit their new look. Adaptability is a vital part of what we offer and we have tried to integrate our work seamlessly when needed.

Much of the work we do is time critical, with Hanover relying on our ability to turn things around quickly. We are always able to deliver on schedule and cost effectively and we feel that we have built up a strong relationship with Hanover that we hope continues for many years to come.

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