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UFM Talent is headed up by Una McGuinness, former Global Managing Director of an award winning digital, media and marketing communications agency. Una has spent over two decades working within the recruitment industry, learning first-hand what works — and perhaps more importantly — what doesn’t. We jumped at the opportunity to work with Una from the ground up, developing her new brand UFM Talent and we continue to support the venture as it progresses.

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UFM Brand Guidelines

Brand Identity

In order to reflect the nature of the fast paced, forward-thinking industry within wihich Una operates we were keen to create a dynamic identity that utilised bold, bright colours. Similar organisations within the sector felt a little flat and dated so Una was keen to enter the marketplace with something a little more vibrant. Initially we adopted a monotone approach to develop the logo and typographic choices, choosing to inject an impactful dash of colour towards the latter stages of development to really feel the effect of its inclusion. We settled on a rich teal treatment that gives everything a refreshing, breezy tone, without losing any of the formality of the clean and uncomplicated logo and typography.

UFM Talent Business Cards

Offsetting this bold colour choice against a stark backdrop of roomy black and white layouts keeps the visuals light, and we were sure to maintain a minimalist approach around the brand's core elements. Typography is made up of uncomplicated sans serifs with plenty of white space, paired with informal imagery and infographics where needed. The creation of a short brand guideline document will help to protect the look and feel set out for UFM Talent going forward and continue to aid Una's success in the future.

One of the largest elements needed in order to help UFM Talent launch successfully was the design, development and deployment of a brand new UFM website. We worked closely with Una developing the content for the site which would essentially represent her first point of contact in most cases with new clients. Building up a good understanding of her client base and how they would use the site proved essential in informing its design. Through careful user journey mapping and creating a number of user personas we were able to discern exactly how clients would navigate through the site.

Aside from the evergreen content on the website we also developed a bespoke content management system so that Una could post regular blog content and also inform her clients of events and conferences that she would be speaking at. The result is a dynamic, fully responsive website that can handle the varied content Una intends to use to illustrate her posts, and the reaction to its launch has been nothing but positive.

Visit the site here
UFM Talent Website

Dynamic Presentations

Presenting to teams is a day to day occurrence for Una, so equipping her with a set of presentation materials to wow her clients was an important requirement. The team put together a visually engaging powerpoint template with dynamic transitions and layouts that could cope with the far reaching requirments of Una's content. We were delighted to hear how we had helped Una elevate her presentations and she continues to use our materials at conferences and meetings around the country.

UFM Talent Business Cards

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